New Year! Rearrange Your Home with Modern Furniture

22 janv. 2024

Into The New, And Out Of the Old!

That's what people say when they hope for an exciting new year. That proverb, when you give it some thought, also holds true for changing the décor in your house.

A fresh look at your furniture at the beginning of the year is a great way to replace items you no longer love and preserve what you love. Now is the perfect time to update your home, whether your goal is to steer clear of traditional designs or infuse warmth into your modern layout.

These are some suggestions for making a bold style statement to kick off the New Year.


Give Off a Feeling of Comfort and Luxury

Everyone enjoys the comfortable, homey feeling, especially in the winter when it gets colder outside. Oversized upholstered sofas, motion furniture (such as sectionals and recliners), and luxuriously styled upholstered headboards for bedrooms can all help create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.


Try Giving Traditional Designs a Modern Twist

Like many others, you probably like the opulent appearance of traditional styles but prefer a more contemporary vibe. With a contemporary twist, the best features of traditional furniture designs are incorporated into the transitional furniture style. Look for more muted embellishments, a more neutral color scheme, and cleaner lines. Exquisite materials that are always in style include marble, wood, and leather.

Home Interior Design Tips: How to decorate a tasteful home.


Combine Harmonious Colors

For years, we've stuck to a safe color scheme of neutrals inspired by nature, but now might be the perfect opportunity to bring some color into the New Year. To add some vibrancy to beiges, grays, and whites, consider using vibrant mustard, soothing blues, or refreshing raspberry.


Incorporate Diverse Interest

Select new furniture in a style that differs from the furniture you currently own if you want to make a big impression. To show off your good taste, don't be scared to experiment a little. For a traditional bedroom, opt for a sleek armoire or add a traditional accent chair to a modern living room. To add stylish eclectic interest to your home, make small changes that work well.


Add Thoughtful Information


To make your house feel more unique, think about your lifestyle and add well-chosen accents. If you or a family member works from home, consider setting up a home office or a great room corner with a desk and an ergonomic chair. Locate a chic console table to house a captivating sculpture, or install a lavish wine cabinet or bar. A bed of crushed glass beneath dancing flames from an electric fireplace is always a sight to behold.


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