WOW! It’s Easter – Buy New Furniture on Big Discount

Mar 26, 2024

Now that winter is officially over and spring has arrived, it's time to update your house to reflect the longer days, milder temperatures, and newest fashion trends. There's a big focus on wooden furniture this season. This year, wood is going to be very popular, regardless of its color and age, whether it's new wood from a tree nursery or reclaimed, rustic wood.

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Everybody celebrates Easter differently. Easter bonnet-making families with children, egg and spoon races full of laughter. Indulging in copious amounts of Easter eggs and hot cross buns. Attending church services or taking part in neighborhood activities.

Eastertime brings us all together with the shared experience of spending time with friends and family.


With a new furniture, you can celebrate the holidays in style.


Refurnish Your Dining Area This Easter

The best way to create a farmhouse vibe in your house is to use modern furniture in your dining area. To get this country style, consider using a reclaimed solid table with a bench in place of dining room chairs.

If you're not into benches, go with the classic style of dining room chairs made of steel and wood. This will still contribute to the farmhouse aesthetic by giving modern living a more rustic vibe.

Additionally, it will give your dining room character and be unique.


Celebrate Easter in Your Living Room


It's likely that you spend the majority of your time in your living room area, or at least the majority of family time is spent there. The ideal way to incorporate a rustic element into this space is with a stylish coffee table. It will not only give character, but it's also cozy and welcoming.


Your table will be perfectly springtime-themed with the addition of mason jars or a bowl filled with colorful Easter candy or eggs.

Wooden picture frames, books, candles, and a wooden Bluetooth speaker are examples of elegant accent pieces that help your house feel like a home.


Add an enormous eggshell vase filled with daffodils as the finishing touch.


Look Into New Color Schemes and Décor This Easter


If you want to delve deeper into interior design, painted pallets can be customized to create some amazing wall art.

Use colorful painted panels to cover your wall, and make a statement piece out of a prominent photo. It will draw attention from anyone who visits your house and is a pleasant change from a conventional canvas.

Greys are reportedly this season's key color and provide a great foundational shade for any room's walls.

Your home will look elegant and distinctive this Easter if you start with dark grey paneling and gradually go to a lighter shade.


Get the Family Involved In Easter Activities

Now that your house is organized, spend some quality time with your family. Making and framing paper bunnies is a really enjoyable hobby. Kids will have a lot of fun creating these with craft paper; they are quick to put together and look fantastic as hallway décor.

Hang a Mini Egg wreath on your door to go above and beyond for Easter.



Happy Easter and God bless you! By Cosmic Homes Canada